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A solution for every need with PDF-Tool


Annotate and highlight

Customise notes

Fill in forms

Interacting with textbooks


Financial documentation

Data extraction

Filling in tax forms

Audit and compliance

Content Creator

Portfolio presentation

Ebook and checklist creation

Copyright protection

Collaboration and review


Proofreading and editing

Version control

Copyright and security

Distribution and printing

What our customers say about PDF-Tool

PDFTool has made my everyday life at university much easier. It allows me to merge individual PDF files into one document and convert images into PDFs. This way I keep an overview and only need one programme.

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Laura Marie S.



What I like best are the text and graphic tools. This way I can easily underline text in any PDF file or insert different graphics to my document more vividly. It is also super easy to use.

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Lennart L.



I love the fact that I can edit my PDF files in no time at all without having to change the format. I can take out individual pages and save them separately, and the backup function is perfect for sensitive data.

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Sarah M.